Pave the way towards your future success.

Pave the way towards your future success.

Build a stronger business, increase your monthly Bonus!

To build profitability and long-lasting success, your business needs a good balance of both width and depth. The Bronze Incentives+ are especially designed to help you in achieving this objective.

Bronze Foundation Incentive+ (BFI) promotes the development of width.
Bronze Builder Incentive+ (BBI) encourages the development of depth.
Bronze Builder Consistency Incentive+ rewards your persistence with additional money.

Bronze Incentives+ at a glance

How does it work

The Bronze Incentives+ are especially designed for ABOs and Member Plus1 who are at the beginning of their journey. Before starting, verify if you meet the following eligibility criteria:

Bronze Foundation Incentive+:

  • You didn’t reach the 15% level in the previous performance year

Bronze Builder Incentive+:

  • You didn't reach the Gold Producer level since September 2019

Are you eligible? Then, to get a Bronze Incentive+, achieve the following goals in the same month:

Bronze Foundation Incentive+:

  • Reach the 9% level
  • Have 3 frontlines at minimum 3% level
  • Earn a 100 PPV

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Bronze Builder Incentive+:

  • Reach the 15% level
  • Have 3 frontlines at minimum 6% level
  • Earn a 100 PPV

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Upon meeting these requirements2 you will receive a Bronze Foundation+ or Bronze Builder+ payment with your next Performance Bonus.

Keep in mind, you can earn a maximum of 12 payments of each incentive over a period of 18 months. The period starts once you’ve qualified for your first payment. If you want to participate a second time, you must follow the rules of the restart program (more information here).

Don’t forget to explore the Core Plus+ Dashboard: there’s a special tool to see how close you are to a Bronze Incentive+ and monitor all your payments.

1The incentives earned as an M+ are held in a separate account (escrow) and may only be paid out when you fully register as an Amway Business Owner per your country's legal requirements. In the case of the Bronze Incentives+, these rewards are available to claim for a period of up to 27 months before the date the ABO registration is completed.
2 In full compliance with the Amway Rules of Conduct.

How much will you get?1

Bronze Foundation Incentive+: Adds 30% to your Performance Bonus.

Bronze Builder Incentive+: Adds 40% to your Performance Bonus.

Bronze Builder Consistency Incentive+: Rewards your persistence with an extra 1800 RON on your 6th Bronze Builder+ payment, and an extra 3600 RON on your 12th.

Earning examples: if your last Performance Bonus was 1000 RON, the Bronze Foundation Incentive+ would have given you an additional 300 RON. If your last Performance Bonus was 3000 RON, the Bronze Builder Incentive+ would have given you an extra 1200 RON. You can also earn them simultaneously, allowing you to earn an additional 2100 RON with a Performance Bonus of 3000 RON.

1Only Amway Business Owners, who have sufficient registration of their business activity with the local state and tax authorities, are eligible to receive bonuses and cash incentives as well as any income deriving from commission trade and/or intermediation of the sale of products. With regard to registered customers sales Member Plus are eligible to referral discounts only.

Your First Amway PIN

Earning the Bronze Builder Incentive+ is an amazing achievement. With your first Bronze Builder+ payment, you will receive an award that celebrates this moment: The Bronze Pin.

This achievement marks your entry into the Bronze Award Level - the earliest you can achieve! Like other Award Levels, Bronze means that your business has made a huge leap in quality, bringing you closer to your future goals.

Proudly celebrate this milestone in your journey to success!

Matous and Barbora: A success story

Bronze Incentives+ Restart

Reached the final month or payment of a Bronze Incentive+ and want to participate again? The restart program, available during Performance Year 2024, offers a second chance to earn extra money through the Bronze Foundation+ and Bronze Builder+ incentives.

Criteria to restart your Bronze journey.

Bronze Foundation+ Restart:

  • Zero 15% months or above between September 2022 and April 2023 and maximum one 15% monthor above between May and August 2023.

Bronze Builder+ Restart:

  • Zero Q months between September 2022 and April 2023 and maximum one Q month between May and August 2023.

Get ready to restart on this Performance Year 2024!

Boost your business

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Beyond Bronze

The Bronze Pin is the first recognition you can earn after starting your business. Learn about the pins you can earn after Bronze, starting with Silver Producer, and how to qualify for them.

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FAQ – Bronze Incentives+

1. Why did Amway introduce the Bronze Award Level?

It is important to build your business on a solid foundation from the start. The Bronze Award level ensures that these efforts don't go unnoticed and gives you the motivation to keep growing!

2. Can I qualify for both Bronze Foundation and Bronze Builder Incentives+ at the same time?

Yes, it’s possible for ABOs to qualify for Bronze Foundation and Bronze Builder Incentives+ simultaneously, provided they meet the eligibility criteria for each one. 

3. When does the 18-month eligibility period start?

The 18-month eligibility period for each incentive — Bronze Foundation and Bronze Builder starts when the ABO receives the first payment from the respective programme. This means that eligibility periods for both incentives are fully overlapping only when the first Bronze Foundation payment and Bronze Builder payment are earned in the same month.

4. Why does Bronze+ require three legs?

Bronze Incentives+ reinforce a healthy, profitable, and sustainable structure. ABOs can earn the most from the Core Plan by building a balance of both width and depth. The more width ABOs have in their group, the more profitable they can be. New ABOs often focus on one strong leg and have little or no width in their business, which impacts their income.  
The Bronze Foundation Incentive+ rewards ABOs for building three legs that each achieve a 3% Performance Bonus level. Three is a realistic number of legs for new ABOs to manage early in their business. Three is the minimum: ABOs can build more width to solidify their healthy structure and increase income. The Bronze Builder Incentive+ encourages ABOs to build depth by rewarding an increase to 6% Performance Bonus level for at least three legs. Building depth by adding volume and ABOs to a leg establishes stability.  
Data suggests that businesses with at least three solid legs can become more productive, profitable, and sustainable when they qualify as Platinum. So, while Bronze requires only three legs, ABOs are encouraged to add more width as their legs become deeper to continue to optimize both the Core Plan income and the discretionary Core Plus+ incentives.

5. If ABOs can earn the Bronze Builder Incentive+ up to 12 times, why is the Bronze pin awarded only once?

Like other recognition levels, the Bronze pin symbolizes the achievement of a significant milestone. The ABO journey offers many of these moments, and each of them is a unique part of the journey.

6. Would I be able to Restart if I graduate from a Bronze Incentive+ during the Performance Year 2024?

Yes, but only if you graduate before August 2024. This is because, for now, the Restart program is only confirmed for the Performance Year 2024. If you graduate in August 2024, your Restart would need to fall on September 2024, which is part of the Performance Year 2025.