A ști să explicați bine Oportunitatea de afaceri Amway clienților potențiali e o parte importantă a succesului vostru ca Întreprinzători Privați Autorizați Amway. Switch, Share, Duplicate (SSD) este un instrument esențial de dezvoltare a afacerii care urmărește să vă ajute în acest proces.

Ne face plăcere să anunțăm unele îmbunătățiri ale SSD care vă vor ajuta și mai mult să transmiteți valoarea Oportunității de afaceri Amway într-un mod clar și atractiv.

Updated SSD
Unlimited potential

Successfully explaining the Amway Business Opportunity to prospects is an important part of your success as an Amway Business Owner.
Switch, Share Duplicate (SSD) is an essential business-building tool that aims to support you in this process.
We are delighted to announce some enhancements to SSD that will make it easier for you to communicate the value of the Amway Business Opportunity in a clear and compelling way.

What’s great about the updated SSD?

Refreshed summary screen
The summary screen that appears at the end of each consultation has undergone a design refresh to make it simpler and more appealing. This refresh makes it easier to highlight the benefits of the Amway Business Opportunity.

Improved calculations
The updated version of the tool features improved algorithms and formulae, which means you’ll be able to demonstrate compelling calculations when you’re presenting or consulting with prospects.
New products to make presentations more relevant
The updated version of SSD features the recently launched NUTRILITETM Kids Omega 3 product. Showing this new product will help to keep your presentations fresh and relevant, especially to families with young children.

Easy to use. Whenever. Wherever.
Integrated within the Amway Mobile app the SSD tool is available wherever and whenever you need it. Online or offline and optimised for mobile, it’s there for any opportunity, even the most unexpected!

How do I access the updated version of SSD?

You can access the all-new version of SSD within the Amway Mobile app.
If you already have the Amway Mobile app on your tablet or smartphone, simply open the app, select your country and log in using your ABO credentials. Then follow these instructions:
• If you have a previous version of SSD already downloaded, you need to remove the publication by tapping on the arrow icon at the bottom of the screen. Once you have done this, you can download the new version. If you experience any problems, please check to see if the previous version has been downloaded directly to your device memory. If this is the case, please also delete it from there before downloading the new version.
• If you don’t have a previous version of SSD downloaded, click on the icon on the cover and simply download it.
Help us build tools for you
These tools are built for you. Help us improve them further by completing the feedback survey that you’ll find in the side menu of the updated SSD tool.
Share SSD for success
SSD is an essential tool and has the potential to enhance the effectiveness of business-building efforts. We look to you, as Leaders and influencers, to help realise this potential among your networks by evangelising these changes, encouraging use of the tool and sharing your knowledge and best practices. After all, ‘sharing’ is at the heart of Switch, Share and Duplicate!